Scheduled Power Outages
Sl. No.Zone400 KV Station220 KV Recieving Station110/66/11 KV Sub-StationFromToLC Duration (In Hours)Reason For LCAreas AffectedRequest Type
1SOMANAHALLIKanakapura, T.K.HalliKanakapura
24/08/2019 08:00:0025/08/2019 18:00:0034LC for 220kV (BWSSB) Harohalli - Kanakapura SC line. LC required for the works of shifting of existing 220kV S/C Harohalli - Kanakapura line passing over M/s KIADB Plot No. 283, KIADB Harohalli I/A 2nd Phase Kanakapura. Work involved is erection of 3Nos of 220kV DC towers in the existing corridor with stringing of 3 spans of drake conductor & dismantling of 3Nos of towers. During LC period 220kV kanakapura R/s (128MW) supply will be fed from 220kV TK Halli R/s.Nil.emergency
2SOMANAHALLIYarandanahalliAnekal (BRAZ)
24/08/2019 10:00:0024/08/2019 17:00:007LC required for the work of: Line of 66kV Yarandanahalli-Suryacity & 66kV Yarandanahalli-Anekal. For erection of 2Nos 66kV MC towers & stringing of Drake ACSR conductor (2spans) & releasing of existing DC towers and coyote conductor.SuryaCity, Anekal Taluk.emergency
3NELAMANGALASelect All, A station, EDCAustin Town
24/08/2019 10:00:0024/08/2019 17:00:007Lc required for 66/11kV Austin Town S/s. LC required to carry out the following works. 1. Repairing & alignment of GOS of Koramangala Y-Phase. 2. Servicing of 66kV EDC line BUS GOS. 3. Attending Oil leakage. 4. Attending Hot line observations. 5. Weak conductor replacement of Tr-1 bay. 6. Urgent Maintenance works as per maintenance manual.Areas feeding from 66/11kV Austin town S/s.emergency
4SOMANAHALLIKanakapura, Somanahalli, T.K.HalliAO SMITH-EHT
EHT-Bhurauka gases Ltd
New India Gypsum-EHT
Orchid laminations -EHT
25/08/2019 08:00:0025/08/2019 18:00:0010LC for 66kV Somanahalli - TK Halli line 1&2. LC required for Shifting of S/C 220kV line at M/s KIADB Plot No. 283, KIADB Harohalli I/A 2nd Phase Kanakapura. Work involved is erection of 3Nos of 220kV D/C towers in the existing corridor with stinging of 3spans of drake conductor & dismantaling of 3Nos of towers. Note: To provide Power supply during LC period 66kV Jumps to be removed at 3 places: 1. At step down tower for V.R. Doddi BWSSB line-2 2. At Jakkasandra village for TK. Halli - BWSSB line-1. 3. TA step down tower for Somanahalli - Harohalli BWSSB line-2. Power Supply will be affected to the connected S/s & EHT installations at time of removing & providing jumps (2 times) for 2Hrs in each operation.Areas feeding from 66/11kV Guruvinapura S/s, V.R.Doddi S/s & EHT installations, M/s Bhoruka Gases, M/s A.O.Smith, M/s Orchid Laminates, M/s India Gypsum.emergency
5HOODY220kV EPIP, HSR Layout, HoodyEPIP
31/08/2019 09:00:0001/09/2019 18:00:0033LC required on 220kV Hoody -HSR and 220kV EPIP - HSR Layout DC line. LC required for carring out of following works: For erection of 3Nos of 220/66kV MCMV Monopole tower & stringing of AAAC Moose & Drake ACSR conductor & ground wire (4 spans (24 Conductors)) for the work of shifting of existing 220kV Hoody -HSR and 220kV EPIP - HSR Layout DC line and 66kV EPIP-Divyashree Tech Park & EPIP-Kachamaranahalli line by using 220/66kV MCMV design based Monopole towers & AAAC Moose conductor in the Premises of M/s. QUALCOMM Pvt, Ltd., at EPIP, B'luru (E) Tq, B'luru under self-execution basis.-emergency