Scheduled Power Outages
Sl. No.Zone400 KV Station220 KV Recieving Station110/66/11 KV Sub-StationFromToLC Duration (In Hours)Reason For LCAreas AffectedRequest Type
1SOMANAHALLISomanahalli, Yarandanahalli, Yerandanahalli220kv Jigani
Anekal (BRAZ)
Bomsandra I/A
Electronic city (Keonics)
Electronic city Phase-1 Sec-1
22/10/2019 10:00:0022/02/2020 18:00:002960LC required for 220kV SC Somanahalli-Yerandanahalli line. LC required for the construction of 220-220kV MC line in existing Peenya-Singarpet SC line to 220/220kV MC line from proposed 400/200kV Mylasandra S/s to Yerandanahalli S/s for a distance of 8.569Kms. Yendanahally S/s including 220KV Jigani S/s has been feed from Hosur end with additional assistance of 130MW.The matter has been discussed in SRPC, OCC and other platforms and it was decided to implement Special Protection Scheme (SPS) so that at any point of time the loads of Tamil nadu (Hosur) are not affected and during exigency the loads at Yerandanahally are thrown off to avoid interruption in Hosur S/s (Tamil nadu). The logic adopted for SPS as decided in VC meeting along with TANTRANSCO officers is as follows, (i)Loss of any one 230KV Hosur(PGCIL)-Hosur(TN) line and flow on other line crossing 220MW the 120MW load shedding at 220Kv Yerandanahalli. (ii) Flow on any 230KV Hosur(PGCIL) –Hosur(TN) line crossing 220MW the 60MW load shedding at 230KV yerandanahalli. This has been clearly brought out in the MOM of SRPC ,Bengaluru dated 04.09.19 (Copy enclosed). The SPS scheme has been established and tested successfully on 11.10.19 in presense of TANTRANSCO officilas. During this LC period the following arrangement has been made. 1)220KV Yerandanahally and Jigani S/s is to be feed from Hosur end with total load of 180MW.(additional feed of 130MW ) And also the 66/11KV Keonics -1 S/s is to be feed from Nagnathapura-Velankini with load restricted of about 15-20MW during peak load. 2)On 25.01.2020 at 18.00hrs the LC of 220KV Somanahally –Jigani line will be returned and 220KV/66KV Jigani S/s will be restored on Somanahally. There will be no load shedding between 25.01.2020 (18.00Hrs) to 22.02.2020 (18.00Hrs) under normal conditions as Kionics city S/s will be taken back on Yerandanahally S/s and Jigani 220KV S/s will be feed from Somanahally. 3) The load shedding of around 10 to 15MW at 220kV Jigani R/s, 66/11kV Jigani link road S/s and 66/11kV Bannerghatta S/s.Areas feeding from 220kV Jigani R/s, 66/11kV Jigani link road S/s 66/11kV Electronic city(Keonics), 66/11kV Electronic city, Phase-1, Sec-1(Velankini) and 66/11kV Bannerghatta S/s.emergency
2SOMANAHALLINagnathapuraElectronic city (Phase-II) Sec-1
17/02/2020 09:00:0023/03/2020 18:00:00849LC required on Transformer-2 of 220kV Naganathpura R/s. LC required for the work of Augmentation of 2x100MVA, 220/66kV power transformer by 2x150MVA, 220/66kV power transformers at 220/66/11kV S/s Naganathapura to carryout the following works, 1. Releasing of transformer oil, existing 100MVA power transformer, control cables including CTR. 2. Alteration of all existing foundations to accommodate the new 150MVA transformer, cooler control system and CTR. 3. Erection of new 150MVA GE T&D power transformer and CTR nitrogen Fire extinguishing system and oil filling to transformers, filtration, testing and commissioning of transformers. During Line clear condition following arrangements is already made to avoid load shedding. 66kV HSR-Npura 1000sqmm UG cable which was in idle charge condition is already connected to 66kV Velankani TB. Hence 32MW Velankani sub station load is feeding from HSR substation. One no. of GE (T&D) make 150MVA power transformer is commissioned on 08.02.2020 and the load of 82MW is loaded to the 150MVA power transformer on 10.02.2020 at 13:35hrs. Hence the work will be taken without load shedding.nilemergency
3SOMANAHALLISelect All, YarandanahalliAttibele (BRAZ)
23/02/2020 10:00:0023/02/2020 17:00:007LC required on 66/11kV Attibele S/s. LC required for erection & alignment of GOS & providing jumps from GOS to BUS, earthing of GOS for the work of providing 66kV BUS split GOS and additional PT's to the existing 66kV BUS at 66/11kV Attibele S/s. Note: LC actually required on 23.02.2020 (Sunday) since, the station is feeding to industrial load. the load affected on Sunday is only 8-10MW as against 35MW load on working days. Request to issue LC on 23.02.2020 to avoid load shedding.Areas feeding from 66/11kV Attibele S/s.emergency
25/02/2020 08:00:0025/02/2020 18:00:0010LC is required on 66kV Chikkenahalli-Channapatna SC line for stringing of 2nd circuit on the existing 66kV DC tower from 66kV Bevoor Tap point to 66/11 kV Bevoor station from Loc No: 117 to 194 for 17.5Kms, pertaining to the proposed Channapatna 220/66/11kV R/s project.Chanpatna Dashawara Shivanhallinormal